SG TechnologiesEnhances Your Music Activities with Portable Guitars

It's Not a Travel Guitar You Have Known

SG Technologies presents new three-way dividable travel guitars with the features that no traditional portable guitars had. Each guitar is made by adept Japanese luthiers. You'll be thrilled by its sound quality when you play it.


3-way Division Head Neck

3-way division has been made possbile by newly developed detachable tuner.

String unit is easily detached from neck.

The same neck size (24 inches) as Fender Mustang and Cyclone.

Maple wood is used for the neck and rosewood for fingerboard.
Number of frets is 23 including zero fret.

Nut & Zerofret Spoke Wheel Nut Body

Stable tuning by using zero fret.

Using spoke wheel nut for adjustable truss rod enables easyy neck adjustment.

Using Ash which is comparatively a hard guitar wood. Produces clear mid to high range sound for its compact size.

Pickup Emblem Bridge

2 single coil type and 2 hum bucking type are available.

The beauty of natural sea shells enhances the elegance of the guitar.

A custom-made emblem with your initials is available at an extra charge. Contact us.

Using a Gotoh GE-103B.
Wider tuning range.
Easy octave tuning.

Control Neck Joint Nob Detachable Tuner

3-way toggle switch.
Volume pot, tone pot with three pickup selections - front, front + rear and rear.

Neck is detached from body by using two knobs.

Two master knobs for detaching the string unit and master tuning. Also, six knobs for fine tuning each string.

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