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It'll Go Wherever You Will Go
High Quality 3-way Dividable Portable Electric Guitars with Innovative Features

New portable electric guitars with innovative features from Japan. Come in two different pickups - humbucker and single coil.
Also five different pickguard types are available.
Patent pending. It is the newest travel guitar you can find in the market.

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  • Three-way dividable (string, neck, body)
  • 24-inch neck scale
  • Easy tuning
  • Stable tuning by zero fret
  • Spoke wheel nut used for tuning
  • High-class looking with abalone emblem
  • Smaller than hand luggage size allowed on planes

It's not a travel guitar you have known

SG Technologies presents new three-way dividable travel guitars with the features that no traditional portable guitars had. Each guitar is made by adept Japanese luthiers. You'll be surprised at its sound quality when you play it.

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Compact !! You can take it anywhere with you.

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Two different pickups - humbucker and single coil.
Five different types of pickguard available.